Loving ladysmith

As an entire church we spent six weeks reading through the book Servolution by Dino Rizzo - it really cemented this "Revolution of Serving" into our hearts and minds. We also spent those six weeks taking an in depth look at six different biblical passages that established that this is how God has called the local church to act. One of our favourite experiences is working alongside people from the community that may not have ever walked through the doors of a church - so if what you've seen gets you fired up, then come on out and join in! The last few years in this community has allowed us the privilege of changing people's minds about Jesus and his church. The people of Ladysmith are really coming to understand that this local church is here for our community. Whether church has ever been part of your experience or not - please join us on this great adventure of lifting up the name of Jesus Christ in our community.


    Our Remembrance Day Service is a community focused service where we remember those who served and their sacrifice. Over the past 10 years this service has become a beautiful tradition of our church and community coming together to remember the peace we have been given. We are thankful for the members of our community who have been involved with this service.


    We hosted Ladysmith Games again last summer 2019 at Transfer Beach. It was great to be part of the Ladysmith Days Weekend!

    Click here to read a lovely Thank You from the Ladysmith Celebration Society Executive


    Our Community Garden Box is planted every spring to help support local food programs within our town and church body. Weekly deliveries are made June thru September to LAFF for their daily soup and salads which are made for all the families who attend this daily community program.