We are here to help students discover and live true life in Jesus so they can impact others around them by loving God, loving people, and serving the world.

This is a fun and lively community, and no matter who you are or where you are at in your faith journey, you are welcome here!

JR. YOUTH [grades 6-8]

SR. YOUTH [grades 9-12]

We meet on Wednesday nights, from 7-9 pm.


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This year we are introducing something new! Now all registrations are done online through Planning Center.


Once you have registered, you also have the option of downloading "Church Center App" from your phone app store if you want to have an easier way to view and manage all registrations for future events.


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We know showing up for the first time without knowing what you are going to find can be scary sometimes. Don't worry! Here's what you can expect when you come. We want you to feel welcome and loved here!


These happen on Wednesday nights from 7-9 pm - except when there's a Leaders Night (check the calendar to know the right dates). Most of the time, we meet at the church building, but there may be a few special events in different locations.

The youth nights are an awesome time to build solid friendships, learn more about Jesus and how we can follow Him, and have lots of fun together. We play cool games, sometimes sing some songs together, listen to a short message from our youth pastor, and have some fun discussion time with our small groups that are sort according to the students' ages. We always have a snack in the end and lots of time to just relax and enjoy yourself along with your friends.

MERGE Youth Nights are for all students in grades 6-12.


Once a month, on a Sunday, our Sr. High students and their leaders roll up their sleeves and invade our church kitchen to cook a meal together. After that, we all sit at the table and get to enjoy our food together. It's a great time for nice conversations about life and faith, and lots of laughter and meaningful fellowship.

Check the schedule to know when Cook & Connect is happening this year.

Cook & Connect gatherings are for Sr. High students (grades 9-12).


During the year, our Sr. Youth will be invited to join us and spend some time learning from God's Word in an interactive and applicable way.

This is called "Spirit & Life" based on what Jesus said in John 6:63 - "The words I have spoken to you - they are full of the Spirit and life." The goal is that as we look at specific passages and themes in the Bible together, we are transformed by the words we read and challenged to embrace God's call and purpose for us today.

Every gathering may look a bit different, but in general there is an icebreaker, worship, Bible passage or theme shared, discussion, prayer and snacks. We gather on Sundays from 10-11:15 am in a house just across from the church building (the full address will be sent to participants privately upon request). 

Our Spirit and Life time will happen in different blocks of 4 or 5 Sundays each throughout the year and is designed for Sr. Youth (grades 9-12). Check the schedule to know when we get together for that.


All youth (grades 6-12) meet at the Fuller Lake Arena in Chemainus for ice skating, games and food.

We set up a youth room by the entrance that remains open during the event for any student that wants to come by to play some games, have a nice snack or just need a place to take a break before going back to the ice.

This event happens on the last Friday of the month, from October to February, from 6:30-9:20 pm.

Cost: $8 (includes skating for both public and youth sessions, a slice of pizza and a coupon for a chance to win some prizes sponsored by FLA).

Invite your friends and come have some fun!