• sermon #1 - june 17, 2018

    So many non-Christians are such good people, why doesn't God allow them into Heaven?

    Pastor Darin Phillips

  • sermon #2 - june 24, 2018

    If you won the lottery how would it change you as a person? 

    Is gambling always wrong?

    Listen to Pastor Darin's Sermon, as it may surprise you!

  • sermon #3 - July 1, 2018

    God's Take on Alcohol? Raising Grateful Moderates

    Pastor Darin's sermon is very enlightening - the pros and the cons; when or is it okay?

  • sermon #4 - july 8, 2018

    Is it US as Christian's people are actually rejecting?

    Thank you to Samuel Drouin from University Christian Ministry at VIU's Nanaimo Campus

    Your Sermon provided deeper insight as to WHO is actually mistreated?

  • sermon #5 - july 15, 2018

    The meaning of words ~ GOING DEEPER

    Pastor Darin explains how to use different websites to find the original meaning of words in Greek text so that we can understand scripture better

  • sermon #6 - july 22, 2018

    What is the difference between "closure" and "forgiveness"? How do we decipher between them?  Pastor Darin's sermon and explanation between them is enlightening.

  • sermon #7 - August 5, 2018

    Do Christians support those who choose a LGBTQIA life? - How?

    Pastor Darin's Sermon was so informative.....listen to the Podcast!

  • sermon #8 - august 12, 2018

    Thank you to GUEST SPEAKER: KAJLE RADBOURNE, Associate Director of Operations at Northwest Baptist Seminary!

    If God is POWERFUL and GOOD.....

    Why does God 'allow' young people and children to get cancer and other diseases?

  • sermon #9 - august 19, 2018

    Thank you, again, to Kajle Radbourne of Northwest Baptist Seminary for being our Guest Speaker!

    An explanation of what God REALLY did write, how it is BOTH DIVINE and Human, and how we need to be reading the Bible

  • sermon #10 - august 26, 2018

    Pastor Nathan Kinsey will answer 3 questions in one!

    The viewpoints are varied, but explained so well - Thank you Pastor Nathan!

  • sermon #11 - september 2, 2018

    We have been blessed with many great Guest Speakers this year, and on

    Sunday, September 2, 2018, we enjoyed

    Lucas Goltz from Central Baptist Church in Victoria!

    Thank you for being so straight-forward in your answer to this YAFI 2018!